Join us April 11th, 2020 for our Madison Park 5K Race! We are bringing back this classic neighborhood race and doing it for the dogs! All proceeds benefit the Charlotte Human Society.

The Mad Park 5K is truly for the people, by the people. Created by our very own friend and neighbor, the goal has always been to create an event for Madison Park that promotes a culture of safety and wellness.

Our Mission

Create a 5K for the Madison Park neighborhood that promotes a healthy and safe environment for everyone.

Our Vision

Create a 5K for Madison Park that is both family friendly and supports the culture of the Madison Park neighborhood. The 5K will be well organized, conducted in a safe environment, and include lots of fun. Our hope is that this event will unite neighbors that live within the boundaries of the neighborhood with each other and the organizations, people, and businesses that support our surrounding communities. Uniting neighbors with their surrounding community through a structured race environment will foster a sustainable, wellness-centered community with a focus on safety.

Our Values

Safety: Ensure that Madison Park remains a welcoming neighborhood where residents and visitors alike feel safe.
Unity: Unite neighbors with organizations, people, and businesses in the surrounding community.
Fun: The Madison Park 5K will be fun!


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